Public taxes

Everyone working in Norway must have a tax deduction card stating the amount of tax that their employer must deduct from their salary before it is paid to them. 

You will find useful information in the webpages of the Norwegian Tax Authorities, Skatteetaten.

If you are working for a Norwegian employer you must apply for a tax deduction card. This webpage is also available in Polski.

In addition to the personal taxes that are deducted by the employer, all who live in Sandnes are required to pay public taxes for water and sewage. If you own a car or any type of motorcycle you are also charged an annual road tax.

You have to pay an annual broadcasting licence fee if you have a television receiver, no matter which channels you choose to watch. The broadcasting license fee is set by the Norwegian Parliament. The fee for 2014 is kr. 2729,16, including VAT at 8%.


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