Outdoor life in Sandnes

Hopefully these maps will enhance your experience of the surrounding countryside in the Sandnes region. The contrasting landscape and the many activities are only a short distance from the centre of Sandnes.



IllustrationThe municipality of Sandnes has a vast and varied landscape. The central region is mainly farmland, whilst east of the town the scenary changes dramatically with steep bare mountainsides and ridges, forests, lakes and watercourses. The coastline is long with mountainsides which dive steeply into the sea. North of Riska there is also a small cluster of islands that are well worth visiting. Within the municipality, besides Sandnes, there are the villages of Sviland, Hommersåk, Høle, Figgjo and Malmheim.

Useful information

Tourist information is at Vågsgt. 22. Orienteering maps can be purchased in a number of sports shops. The parks dept. in Sandnes is responsible  for maintenance and supervision of the countryside together with Jæren friluftsråd and Ryfylke friluftsråd. The quality of bathing water is regularly controlled by the councils health authority.

Code of conduct in nature

  • Keep to paths across farmland.
  • Protect wildlife, wild plants and trees.
  • Tents may be set up in uncultivated areas minimum 150 m from houses and cottages.
  • Leave no litter.
  • Open fires are prohibited, but permission may be given by the fire department.
  • Close gates.
  • Keep dogs on a leash at all times.


Statskog logoStatskog owns approximately 1/3 of the land area in Norway. In Sandnes Statskog that constitutes about 9000 dekar. Today the state forests are maintained for outdoor activities, timber production and the general land management. Phone Statskog SF: 61 24 85 00.



Logo Frisk i friluft og NORTRAIL

Sandnes kommune, Park og idrett.
Info: Sandnes kommune serviceoffice:
Tlf: 51 97 60 00

Map: Sandnes kommune, oppmålingsseksjonen.

Layout: Odd Inge Worsøe, Stavanger Turistforening

Photo: Odd Inge Worsøe, Harald Lygren

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