Learning Norwegian

Sandnes Center of Learning
Havnegata 2, 4306 Sandnes

Are you busy working but wish to learn Norwegian in your spare time? 

The Sandnes Center of Learning offers courses in Norwegian on the internet. You will need a computer/mac with access to the internet, microphone and loudspeakers.

We use the programme"Min vei"/My way. In addition to working on your own you will have access to personal help from a teacher via the internet. You may work in your own time and tempo and agree with your teacher what goals to set yourself and what to focus on. Once a month there are voluntary sessions at the school where we work on speaking skills in Norwegian.

Course runs from 17 November 2014 to 23 January 2015.
Five hours per week for eight weeks equals 40 hours tuition.
Location: Internet / Sandnes Center of Learning, Havnegata 2, 4306 Sandnes.
Tuition fee: Kr. 2,800, unless you qualify for free tuition.

Please contact sls_nettkurs@sandnes.kommune.no or call 51 33 71 00 for more information and enrollment.


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