Child health services

Health care centers in Sandnes

The health care centers are all open daily but regular internal meetings take place on Mondays at 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm. Phones may not be answered during that time.

The health care center in Høle is open every other Thursday at 8.30 am to 1 pm. 

Addresses for the health care centers.                        

The health care centers offer a free health care service to all children at the age 0-6 years and their family. The health care centers aim to support the parents in their care for the children.

The purpose of the health care center is:

  • to sustain and further the physical, psychic and social health and well being of children 
  • to prevent and remedy inherited and acquired illnesses

Nurses, doctors, physiotherapists and psychologists work in the health care centers and they offer:

  • Consultation for newly born and small children
  • Home visits 
  • Vaccination
  • Parents guidance
  • Health information
  • Guidance for families with special needs
  • Preparatory couses for parents-to-be 

When a child is born, a message is sent from the maternity ward at the hospital to the health care center. The center will then, in turn, contact the parents to schedule a home visit.

Health care programme for children 0-5 years


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